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Product Specifications

Delkin Devices  Pop-Up Shade PRO for Nikon D300 DND300-P  

Main specs

Brand:  Delkin Devices

Type of Accessory:  LCD Sun Visor


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Delkin Devices-Pop-Up Shade PRO for Nikon D300 DND300-P-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories


Type of Accessory

LCD Sun Visor


The Digital SLR Professional is designed to attach to your camera using the existing eye piece and slots around your display. It easily snaps on and off, and features an optical clear glass to protect your camera's screen. The simple pop-up design allows for easy opening to block the glare. Buttons on the Professional shade are aligned with your camera, to reduce the wear and tear on delicate parts and components. Color and design matches your camera model.


Nikon D300


Delkin Devices


Not Available

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