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Product Specifications

Delkin Devices  Universal Silver Pop-Up Shade for 2.8 Inch Diagonal LCDs #DU2.8-M  

Main specs

Brand:  Delkin Devices

Type of Accessory:  LCD Sun Visor


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Delkin Devices-Universal Silver Pop-Up Shade for 2.8 Inch Diagonal LCDs #DU2.8-M-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories
Description Specifications


Type of Accessory

LCD Sun Visor


Delkin's Universal Silver Pop-Up Shade, custom designed for 2.8 inch LCD displays, is the only armor and glare guard option for your digital camera LCD. The simple flip of a finger triggers a three-sided canopy to provide an instant safeguard from bright outdoor light while combating debris, fingerprints and damage to the display. By attaching to your camera with a strong easily removable adhesive, the Delkin Pop-Up Shade leaves camera usage virtually unconstrained. Easily attach and detach either the canopy or the entire accessory as desired.


2.8" LCD Screen


Delkin Devices



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